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How to maintain the computer sewing machine
Feb 26, 2018

Careful cleaning and cleaning to ensure that the computer car parts clean, is to ensure the quality of assembly and extend the life of computer vehicles based on. In particular, bushings, bearings, pumps, and parts that contain rotating and oscillating mating parts should be carefully cleaned.

If the assembly of a variety of shaft parts is not clean, ranging from high temperature and torque transmission shaft caused too heavy, due to debris acceleration in severe wear and tear, there "bite" and other serious problems affecting the overall performance of the machine.

Where after the surface coating, plating and other surface treatment of computer parts, assembly of the mating surface (including holes, slots, flat and screw holes) and other places have sticky layer, so before assembly, such components must be pressed Technical requirements, first finishing, and then re-assembly and deployment.

If the assembly does not meet the specified technical requirements, the computer car can not work properly. Parts, institutions, the mutual position is not correct, but also affect the performance of computer vehicles.

Computer assembly or overhaul after the first assembly, a great impact on the performance of the device. Assembly of poor quality computer cars, low accuracy, poor performance, loud, heavy torque, short life expectancy; the contrary, for some parts of the accuracy is not very high, after careful selection and accurate adjustment of the assembly can still assemble the performance Better equipment.

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