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Paper Making Process Of The Cause Of The Slurry
Feb 26, 2018

With the increasing speed of paper machine, its structure is becoming more and more complex, the presence of resin in resin pulp, waste paper, thermoplastic resin and so on, as well as the extensive use of various chemical additives such as enhancer and defoamer, Utilization, to promote the concentration of nutrients, more conducive to the growth and reproduction of the slime, so effectively control the formation of slime is more important.

Sludge is caused by the growth of a wide variety of microorganisms. Common types of pulping and papermaking microorganisms are mainly filamentous bacteria, worms, algae and protozoa from the water body as well as mold fungi (Penicillium, Aspergillus, Trichoderma) from the air, fungal spores and the like. Sludge generation and bacteria, nutrient source content, temperature, pH, a great relationship. The study found that in acid papermaking systems, mold grew faster than bacteria; in alkaline papermaking, bacteria grew faster than mold. In the right temperature and pH environment, these microorganisms rely on the carbohydrates in the fiber suspension of six-carbon sugar and five-carbon sugar, various additives such as starch, fillers and rubber compounds rich nutrients in the paper in a large amount Production and reproduction, resulting in mucilage.

These mucilage and bacteria, foam scum, fiber and other components of the composition of the slurry, when the slurry level fluctuations, these rotten clusters will fall off, fell into the slurry, the Internet copy, will be in the Paper with yellow or green with a rotten point or hole, even in the press breakage occurred.

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