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What Are The Characteristics Of Automatic Glove Machine?
Feb 26, 2018

Automatic glove machine can produce various types of labor insurance gloves, acid-resistant gloves, oil gloves, welder gloves, vibration-proof gloves, flame retardant gloves, electrostatic gloves, dust gloves, leather gloves, anti-static gloves, Our knitting machine in the glove this one has been in the international advanced level, automatic glove machine is also more advanced, more and more humane operation.

1, fully enclosed slide bar needle bar mechanism; achieved slide bar needle bar mechanism fully enclosed, can automatically send oil and improve the wear resistance has a unique style.

2, digital control of the two-color conversion device: can weave out the most popular gloves, improve the economic efficiency of businesses.

3, automatic note pressure lubrication device: to ensure that the machine at the highest 5500 rev / min continuous operation, improve work efficiency.

4, jet device timely jet dust: weave the gloves clean and tidy even more grades.

5, Durable cutter: The machine uses a cutter made of advanced carbide material, greatly reducing the sharpening time. And wear resistance than the average high-carbon steel cutter increased by 10-20 times.

6, special thread volume adjustment device: The machine can be adjusted within the range of 1-20 mm, more than the general amount of sewing machine outlet can reach a large amount of qualifying.

7, the new chain take the thread agencies; simple structure, stable performance, easy adjustment.

8, the use of sinkers way to weave; to produce more flexible gloves, toughness, soft, comfortable.

9, adjustable on the needle mechanism: to meet the needs of the seam seam thickness.

10, flexible and convenient differential feed device; save labor, reduce production costs and save maintenance costs.

11, the control keyboard easy to operate: the operator easy to understand, get started quickly.

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